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Submissive Journal Prompt (from:

***I love prompts, TBH...I'm not that creative without one...unless I'm on a rant.***
Set four (4) goals that you would like to have accomplished by this time next month.

Goals, I know I need goals, but goodness my brain is such a jumble today, it's hard to set them. The most pressing goal I have is financially related, as it's a high-cost month for us, well above what Sir's normal salary can Ubering, I will be doing.
1.) Uber and earn the money to pay for the oldest to join Sea Cadets. He was slated to start this month, but with all of the other Scouting related's not going to happen, so I'm shooting for October.  $300
2.) Uber to pay for the youngest's birthday at the end of September. $200
3. ) Have my Introduction to Marketing class completed and be into week #2 for the Accounting class. 
4.) Master the CPAP task. Most tasks that Sir set's for me, I hav…
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Sore boobs and stuff

You know it's a great play session when you wake up with boobs that can't stand to be touched. I almost didn't think I was going to make it last night, it was so hard to stay awake. I was taking my pre-bedtime bath and kept finding myself falling asleep...which did not bode well for me. With our schedules being what they are, our play sessions are pretty much limited to Fri-Sunday nights. (that is if the small humans that live with us allow it at all)  I knew if I even hinted to my Sir that I was exhausted, that he'd call it off, and tuck me in. And I'm one fucking brat when I want something, so I sucked it up and drank 1/2 a grande Starbucks latte and enjoyed myself. 
And enjoy myself I did, I had my ass spanked with my favorite paddle and got to enjoy his cock in my mouth. As of late, I've learned that I enjoy a good face fucking. I love it when I lay back on the side of our bed, and he straddles my face while standing. I enjoy digging my nails into his ass,…

The 2nd Munch and other stuff

I'm peopling, and I'm doing it for my Sir. (for now, I know eventually, I'll be doing it for myself...but for's pretty much a forced activity lol) We went to our 2nd Munch with our local community. Nice little group of people, a bit older, which makes me happy....I like hanging out with people who know what the fuck they are doing and what the fuck they are talking about.  It feels very much like a safe group and I've learned so much already about nearby venues and who to contact to get vetted to use them.

Having a connection to people who play like you do and have the same beliefs about BDSM that you do, is important! I learned this week that one group in Sacramento is a for-profit and will do whatever it takes to sell spots at their play parties. (even some pretty unsafe vetting/play practices for their BDSM crowd) While another is exactly what we are looking for!

This past week, I also ended a friendship, which while hard, was probably the best thing for…

Random Thoughts on a Random Day about being the Sib of a differently abled person.

I've been struggling to stay on task...seriously struggling...everything is frustrating me and I mean everything lol. I'm the type of service sub that hates disappointing my dominate, my Sir helps me to regulate my "to-do" list, as I struggle with a few executive function issues. He helps me stay grounded, he helps me say "no" to commitments that I really should say no to. I was raised to be a people pleaser, I was raised to put my own needs aside for the needs of others. (my mother raised her caregiver for herself and my sister...they are both ill and/or special needs) My amazing spouse saved me from that life, I'm not responsible for my mother or my sister...their disabilities and care needs are not mine to own. I am allowed to have a life outside of them. And I need to focus on the goals we've worked out together to reach the outcome that I want so badly. A college degree.

I belong to a community of adult "sibs" of special needs folks …

A collection of my #Storyin12 contributions...for my own happy smiles.

 is a neat project run by Molly of "Molly's Daily Kiss" and Wriggly Kitty. There simple challenge: 
Can you write a story from our daily prompt in exactly twelve words? Any genre welcome. I enjoy these little daily prompts, more so than prompts that require more brain power commitment (I'm running out of hours in the day) and verbiage. These allow me to still scratch that little creative itch, without sacrificing time on my tasks :)  I've decided to save them for future idea nurturing. 

Fetlife? WTF know...Fetlife is confusing for me. I assumed it was more of a Social Networking site, people talking to each other, forming relationships (be it formal or informal or casual), sharing events and networking. What I'm finding, in reality, is the exact opposite, it's a hookup site for people with no manners, Low IQ's, and those who really just want to stick their dick in something...really anything will do for some of them. (yo, Tender and Adult Friend Finder are better for that dudes)  Meh, I'm really just not a person that does well with shallow people.

People don't really take the time to read your profile, even if you keep it super simple and short. They perv your pictures and then send you DM's that say "hey"...dude...bro...bruh....I do not respond to "hey". If you want to talk to me, do so in well-formed, complete, intelligent sentences.  "hey" tells me you lack the confidence to string together a few words and to tal…

Daddy, I'm bored....not the three little words he wanted to hear.

Photo Prompt courtesy of Daddy’s Little Monster aka Jessica Source Used with Permission
Check out Masturbation Monday...hosted by Kayla Lords


"I love you"

"You look great!"
"You smell delicious."
"Fuck me, please?"
"Daddy, spank me?"

Words have power, they have the power to bring life and the power to bring death. The power behind three little words can be cock raising or cock crushing. The three little words that rolled off Meridiana's lips "Daddy, I'm bored!" coupled with her petulant tone...did not spark life, nor a rise. Nor were they shocking to the senses, rolling off the pouty lips of smooth-skinned, pint-sized demon with nubby horns poking out of her nest of curls wrapped around her head. The horns were barely visible, as she concealed her true form from prying eyes of other few vistors to Olivia's Pond.  She lay on her sto…