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It’s been a long running joke between the Mister and I, that I hate to people. I mean, I super hate having to go out and meet new people. So when he started making suggestions that it was time to get out and meet new local folks in the lifestyle…my toes immediately curled. I resisted hardcore for almost three month…just never found the time or had plenty of excuses about why I’d rather do anything but go to a munch.

He’s the extrovert, a big-time extrovert…while I’m the introvert, the very shy, introvert. He immediately joined the local KIK group and started chatting, while I joined it a few weeks later and quickly left it. Just too many people, having random, non-sensical conversations. (FWIW, nothing witty ever happened in that setting to me and I don’t hang well with silly) A few weeks back, he asked if I’d like to go to a mixer event at a local bar…Dowers. Now, I grew up around here and have not so fond memories of some of the local bars…Dower’s being one of them. So, when activities with our kids came up as a conflict…I was totally cool with skipping the mixer. But, I could sense his deep disappointment. I hate failing him. And I know my introvert ways are a failure to him.

So I joined the My Marysville Munch group and got in touch with the group owner to get us vetted a bit to attend. (I know, it was hard lol) We went to their munch last night and had a great time. It was a small group, just two other couples, both couples a bit older than us. I felt soooo comfortable and opened right up, being chatty and friendly…something I don’t tend to do around the younger folks. There is something about the 20-35 age range of people that feels super judgy and competitive to hang around with. And I tend to have nothing in common with that age range anymore so conversation is hard. (let alone finding an intelligent conversation) While the older crowd has been through more, have a bit of experience/history and have kicked the judgy shit to the curb. They also know quite a bit more, which is a huge benefit to a person like me who values learning.  Age overall, has never meant much to me, I value intelligence, compassion, knowledge, and friendship so much more than a biological age. Like I said, great people, SUPER smart people, with a variety of world experience who can teach us so much! And of course, people who know the difference between BDSM and Kink are amazing to me. It’s hard to find people who are truly into BDSM and power exchange amongst the younger crowd. 

We discussed it this morning, and Mister would like me to attend the local Sub group as well. They meet on a night when we typically have kids activities, so he’s taking one for the team and being super Dad and doing the kid thing for me. Usually, he handles the older kids activities on Monday, while I help with the youngest ones on Wednesdays. I can tell you, I already have stomach knots at the idea of having to go meet new people again, but I have the reassurance that I will already know at least one person there (that I like and respect already) so that makes it easier.


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