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Daddy, I'm bored....not the three little words he wanted to hear.

Photo Prompt
courtesy of Daddy’s Little Monster aka Jessica
Used with Permission
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"I love you"

"You look great!"

"You smell delicious."

"Fuck me, please?"

"Daddy, spank me?"

Words have power, they have the power to bring life and the power to bring death. The power behind three little words can be cock raising or cock crushing. The three little words that rolled off Meridiana's lips "Daddy, I'm bored!" coupled with her petulant tone...did not spark life, nor a rise. Nor were they shocking to the senses, rolling off the pouty lips of smooth-skinned, pint-sized demon with nubby horns poking out of her nest of curls wrapped around her head. The horns were barely visible, as she concealed her true form from prying eyes of other few vistors to Olivia's Pond.  She lay on her stomach blanket beneath her,  arms languidly laid out about her head, legs bent, feet kicking gently...side to side. With unpredictable frequency, she'd pluck a rock from the edge of the blanket and chuck it into the pond, while sighing deeply. The ripples of disturbance across the pond made her smile with bemeausement...chaos out of order was her specialty. 

Meridiana, once the paramour of Lord Fel'dan, now satisfied her indulgences with Davilius, a Holy Paladin Knight of the Order of the Knights of the Silver Hand. They'd met by chance, one Mid-Summer's night at the Slaughtered Lamb Tavern, a rather seedy establishment, their eyes locked across the room and the taboo dance with demonic passion had begun. Now, laying beside the little succubus, his little succubus, Davilius smiled the chaos she had spun in his life out of the order he'd fought so hard to foster. Gone were his aspirations of grand titles and manors that blossomed in his mind during his youth. They'd been replaced with rather lewd and lascivious thoughts that kept him in a bemused, semi-aroused state much of the day. 

He reached out to stroke her curls, tugging sharply on the one nearest nubby left horn, pulling her towards him and angling her ear next to his mouth. "Bored" he hissed with a tone of warning on his breath, "My little demon, you've not experienced 'bored' yet. I can show you bored, would you like to see bored?" as he pulled his hand from her hair and withdrew his body's embrace from hers. The sudden rush of cool air on her backside, her breeches had long since been loosened and drawn down over round cheeks, made her squeal in protest.

Sensing she'd pushed just a bit too far with her sass, Meridiana, lowered her gazed and whispered a half-hearted "I'm sorry, Daddy." Davilius reached out and ran his hand across her lower back, dipping down to cup the cheek of her ass, squeezing it until she whimpered. "What was that, My little demon?" "I'm sorry for being bratty, Daddy," Meridiana replied without a hint of petulance in her tone. While her tone pleaded that he release his anger, her eyes...her eyes yearned for that spark of anger to ignite.  Seeing the demon lust rise up in her eyes, spurred Davilius on...


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