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Describe Your Ideal Day #30characterprompts

From Twitter: Tasha L. Harrison
30 days of character specific writing prompts to help you discover what really makes them tick! What to join me? Use the hashtag to share your character exercises with me!

Thank you, Tasha Harrison, for putting our the amazing energy you are with this writing prompt push. I need one...I've gotten a bit off track...a week of travel and Scouting camp does that to a gal lol. And, as I'm coming to realize, after listening to one of my favorite bloggers/podcaster/now vlogger yesterday...I need to get a bit more in my head and listen to myself and figure out what's going on in there. And what better what that some good old fashioned character development.

I've not been happy with who I've been as of late...snappy...short tempered...dissatisfied with life and those around me...through no fault of their own. So I've got to get my own head figured out.

My ideal day would be one spent at a nearby lake with my family. I'd love to have a day off in which we could pack up a picnic lunch, toss the demons in training into the SUV and take off to the lake.  We'd stake our claim to a patch of sandy/rocky soil at the edge of the lake, pop up the umbrella (so my ultra white backside does not lobster right up), and just watch the frolicking begin.

I love watching my Sir play with his children in the water...he's so fun and encouraging with them. I love listening to the youngest one squeal when Dad holds him above his head and then tosses him out into the water. And the dogged determination that shows on his little face as he paddles right back to Dad for another toss is heartwarming. The middle one would swim out to the swimming pier and study it before making attempts at climbing would be a struggle...but he'd keep at it and be rewarded by ended up flat on his back on that undulating pier. While the oldest, with his confident, boisterous nature...would swim under it and knock his brother off while laughing.

We'd wrangle them back into the SUV for the drive home, hours later, wet and exhausted, a bit burned (even after layers of sunscreen are applied) and they'd be asleep before we left the lake parking lot. Sir would catch my eye with that smile of his that says "see, we aren't fucking up this parenting thing too badly" and I'd just melt.

We'd end the evening, wrapped up in our bed, cuddled and content that even though it feels like the world is against us right now...we are still...really doing okay.


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