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Fetlife? WTF know...Fetlife is confusing for me. I assumed it was more of a Social Networking site, people talking to each other, forming relationships (be it formal or informal or casual), sharing events and networking. What I'm finding, in reality, is the exact opposite, it's a hookup site for people with no manners, Low IQ's, and those who really just want to stick their dick in something...really anything will do for some of them. (yo, Tender and Adult Friend Finder are better for that dudes)  Meh, I'm really just not a person that does well with shallow people.

People don't really take the time to read your profile, even if you keep it super simple and short. They perv your pictures and then send you DM's that say "hey"...dude...bro...bruh....I do not respond to "hey". If you want to talk to me, do so in well-formed, complete, intelligent sentences.  "hey" tells me you lack the confidence to string together a few words and to talk to others. And for fuck's sake, if my profile says, trust me, I mean it

Call me an ageist, but I'm really not interested in being all that social or playing with people under 30. I have a hard time with 18 and 19 year olds who call themselves a "master"....I'm sure that will irritate some, but it's my own thing...I'm not interested in reliving my youth and I don't have the same interests anymore.
Mr. 19-year-old calling yourself a master, get out of my inbox....shit...have you mastered getting out of your parent's house yet and figured out what you want to be when you grow up?  I don't have the same interests and nor maturity level and I'm looking for an equal, not another child to raise. (I get that is someone's kink, it ain't mine.) I have zero desire to play or have sex with anyone under 30.

And really...

I am in a fantastic relationship, I am welcome to date as I so choose, but I'm not looking for just anyone. I would prefer a woman, larger in size, who is intelligent and enjoys the little things in life. I will be social and chatty with men, but you have a pretty damn good one and I'm not really looking for another...even for play. 

this means I'm not interested in dating men! I'm interested in dating women, and dude, I'm not your unicorn so keep hunting. I may perform that role for close personal friends, whom I have a relationship with already, but not for strangers.

This, this right here is key, do not come at me and think you're going to slide with comments about my body that aren't positive. This does not belong to you, I don't owe you a fucking thing and I don't need your permission to exist in this world...exactly as I am.

I'm not a thin woman, nor do I have any desire to be anymore. I'm 41 and I've reached a level of IDGAF about societal norms and industrial beauty standards. I'm a body positive advocate...meaning your body is fine as it is and you deserve to be respected and loved as you are.
So yes, I'm fat, I have a large, thick ass and large hips...but I have small boobs and I'm okay with that. Not every BBW is rocking the size HH's (much love to you that are, your backs give you enough shit, I won't pile onto it)...I'm good with my C cups. They've done a lot for me in this life!

Bottom line, don't be a dick to people online. They don't need your consent to exist in the space they take up. Read their profiles and if you can't hang with their sure as fuck do not deserve their time or bodies.


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